Brian was very professional and trustworthy

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Brian was very professional and trustworthy. I felt very comfortable and relaxed with Brian he answered all my questions was very informative and helpful was very honest about things that we discussed, didn’t feel like it was all business it felt like he was more of a mentor than just someone that was for hire. After my consultation I was so inspired and excited about starting this process and getting one of my ideas from point a to point Z and there’s no doubt that Brian will be the one to get me there. Would highly recommend Brian to anyone that is looking to get started and doesn’t know how or is nervous about getting started in this process. Before I met Brian I was nervous and didn’t trust anyone to help me. I was always afraid someone was going to steal my ideas or something like that and after meeting Brian all of my fears were taken away. Just want to say thank you to Brian and would highly recommend him to anyone.