I actually felt a bit elated

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I discovered Brian on LinkedIn through his many informative posts and decided to check out his service on his website. He is obviously very experienced in all aspect of invention and the arduous route of taking an invention idea from light bulb moment to market. I have gone through a significant part of this invention journey myself and have acquired quite a lot of knowledge along the way. However, I was frustrated with one of my inventions which has great commercial potential but somehow I’ve yet to make the impact I wanted. Hence, recently I paid for a telephone consultation with Brian. I was anxious how he can really help in our 1st one hour call. After explaining my invention, Brian gave an initial assessment which contains positive as well as the challenge of taking my product successfully into the market. However, as we continue in the discussion, Brian started to come out with new and very useful instructive suggestions that made me light up and think ‘yes, this is how I should do my pitch and these are the product and market areas which I should focus on, or try as well’. After the 1 hr call, I actually felt a bit elated as I felt I’ve learned quite a lot and feel more focus on the priority ‘dos’. I am looking forward to my second hour of consultation with Brian.