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Meet Brian Fried



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Brian has been a major player in the invention arena for many years now, and has yielded many successes for not only his own inventions, but the inventions of others. Fried’s focus as an invention consultant encapsulates his two favorite things: inventions and helping others reach their potential. His desire to assist others in their quest for inventing success has lead him down so many paths whether that means being on camera or writing his own books.

Fried is no stranger to the camera as he has worked as a consultant on TV networks such as Food Network, CBS News, VH1, and many other local news stations. In addition to selling products on QVC and acting as a guest on the platform for over three years, Brian has been invited to guest star in a handful of inventor-themed TV shows. He’s guest starred on an episode of Nicole Richie’s VH1 show, Candidly Nicole, where Brian offered advice to Nicole for her own invention ideas.

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