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Trust us with your idea and let us do the rest!
Here is what inventor smart can do for you:

Let’s discuss your idea, brainstorm and discuss your path to success!

Inventor Smart Evaluation Team

An experienced Inventor Smart team member will provide a complimentary Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for us to sign. Next we will figure out what you have done so far and then provide you with feedback, brainstorming and evaluating the window of opportunity for possibilities of success. We conduct invention searches and services for inventors and innovators. Do you have the money to start your own business manufacturing your invention? Do you want to earn royalties, renting the rights to your intellectual property and letting a manufacturer with distribution take over for you? Some inventions can be done on a shoestring budget and others may be more complex. At Inventor Smart, we can do it all for you or we can guide you to do it on your own.

Patents & Intellectual Property

So you looked in Walmart or your favorite store and there was nothing like your idea on the shelves anywhere?
That’s a good start, but before you have us continue with your invention idea or you skip to the next steps, it is imperative to have a professional world patent search conducted with an opinion to determine if your idea is patentable or if there may be other ways to bring your idea to market including Trademarks and Copyrights. Our legal team of Intellectual Property attorneys and agents are licensed throughout all 50 states. Conducting a patent search, filing a provisional patent, non provisional or design patents are particularly useful at the infant stage of a new product idea to help gain commercial potential and market appeal the product may have to offer. Inventor Smart is at your side throughout the process.
It’s time to bring your invention to life!
At this invention development step there are options such as having our product development team design your idea on the computer to make all the twists and turns, tensions, thickness, etc. work for next steps of making a prototype.
Whatever you imagine being made is possible for your idea to be physically in front of you or even as an animation of your invention to pitch potential licensees or partners.

Product design & prototyping

3D printing, CNC machining, cut and sew projects, metal die-casting and cutting, wood construction, promotional products.

Product Manufacturing

We are experts in converting your idea into a finished product in this manufacturing invention stage. The Inventor Smart Sourcing team will provide a competitive quote for manufacturing your invention turned product from our overseas and domestic factories we work with using materials such as plastics, metal, wood and cut-and-sew projects. A manufactured product will also need packaging, product liability insurance, instructions booklets, sell sheets, bar coding, warehousing and inventory control. Inventor Smart provides turn key services to help with all or part of this process to help you start your new business!

Licensing Partnership Team

You have a great idea and want to make money with it but perhaps your funds are low, your knowledge of manufacturing is limited and you’re not ready to quit your day job to go into business with it. Licensing is an alternative way to bring your idea or invention to market with limited risk using someone else’s resources and collecting a royalty payment. A simple definition of licensing is to rent your intellectual property, such as a patent, trademark, trade secret, algorithm or process, and partner with a company that has manufacturing capabilities and distribution to bring that idea to the marketplace with the ultimate goal of all parties making a profit. The Inventor Smart licensing team will represent your invention should it be a product with potential and we have the appropriate licensee to present to. We can bring you to the point of having your idea prepared for licensing or you can submit your idea for us to become your invention licensing representative.
Let the world know about your invention!

Marketing Launch Team

Let the Inventor Smart Marketing team help you with designing an amazing website for you and your invention, creating a logo, shooting a professional video or commercial and our copywriters distributing an amazing press release for you or a sell sheet with your features and specs of your product details. We can also help with providing sales reps in certain territories or retail categories that pitch to the buyers at mass retailers like Target or Walmart, wholesale clubs like Costco, specialty retailers, catalogs or even help with setting up your own Amazon sellers account. We also provide services to publicize your new business or product on radio and TV connections through our relationships. Inventor Smart is here to help you let others know about your product now available for sale, licensing or partnership!
To learn more about these Inventor Services schedule an appointment to discuss a plan for your invention with one of our Inventor Experts


Let’s sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for your invention idea, which is free to you and discuss next steps of how we can help you and what services you may need.


Scheduling an hour coaching/consulting time with us will help to evaluate your idea and window of opportunity, brainstorm what makes your idea different then what already exists, discuss costs, direction of licensing earning royalties or going into business. We are straight with you and tell you like it is, providing an opinion to move forward with this idea or move on to your next one.


Having a Patent Search done can be the next step to confirm that your idea is original and has potential for intellectual property and not infringing on someone else’s patent.


Make it real…From the idea in your head or napkin to the amazing experience of seeing your idea visually come to life with a 3D CAD design, 3D animation video and prototype with our engineers, product development designers and animators.


Decisions to be made… are we going to find a licensee for your idea or are you going to start your own business with your now idea that turned into an invention then product. Let’s discuss commercialization options and how we can get your idea on TV, mass retail, home shopping channels, specialty stores, online retailers and catalogs or create your own store.


That idea you dreamed of now turned into a product being used by others is a fulfilling sense of accomplishment, earning royalties or making a profit from your business. Whether it’s this idea we will start to work on together or your next one, just having the mindset of coming up with new solutions to problems or challenges makes you an inventor. Let Inventor Smart help to make you a successful one!

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