Inventor Smart Clientele Testimonials and Their Reviews

Brian is highly skilled and knowledgeable

Brian is highly skilled and knowledgeable in all areas relating to the development of new inventions. He is uniquely experienced with the challenging tasks associated with bringing new products to life and successfully placing them in the marketplace to maximize their profitability. In addition, Brian continues to dedicate a material portion of his personal time to assist many inventors and entrepreneurs looking to expand their knowledge of the invention and product development process.

Tom R., MBA, Financial Executive

Brian was very professional and trustworthy

Brian was very professional and trustworthy. I felt very comfortable and relaxed with Brian he answered all my questions was very informative and helpful was very honest about things that we discussed, didn’t feel like it was all business it felt like he was more of a mentor than just someone that was for hire. After my consultation I was so inspired and excited about starting this process and getting one of my ideas from point a to point Z and there’s no doubt that Brian will be the one to get me there. Would highly recommend Brian to anyone that is looking to get started and doesn’t know how or is nervous about getting started in this process. Before I met Brian I was nervous and didn’t trust anyone to help me. I was always afraid someone was going to steal my ideas or something like that and after meeting Brian all of my fears were taken away. Just want to say thank you to Brian and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Michael W. Jackson, Law Enforcement Officer

I will always ask his opinion

Brian is the real deal. He tells it like it is. I have had one person after another not be completely honest with me. It is a little bit frustrating. Finally, I met Brian and he was direct, no BS, told me his opinion, and I am in the process of making a decision of what I want to do. He saved me thousands and thousands of dollars.

I will always ask his opinion if ever I invent anything else again. It is very depressing that people will lie to you just to get your money and string you along. That happened with me .by the way. Until I met Brian.

Amy C., Independent Contractor

he helped me formulate a clear plan of action

Brian worked with me as an inventing mentor. During our discussions, Brian was insightful, respectful, direct and easy to talk with. His knowledge of the independent inventing industry is vast and he readily shared that knowledge with me without an air of superiority always respecting my work and opinion. He offers a balanced approach in his advice since he has both licensed his own products and brought them to market himself. Lastly, at the end of the conversation, he helped me formulate a clear plan of action with do-able action items. I would recommend Brian to any inventor.

Colleen C., Scientist

Brian will go the extra mile

Brian has helped me over the years when i needed guidance with Invention help and Patent advice. Most recently, he helped me with the Paperwork for my Trademark application. I’m happy to say my trademark is now registered and awaiting final approval! and i saved money, too! You’ll find Brian will go the extra mile and even help you nights and weekends if need be.
Always easy to work with and very knowledgeable!

Douglas W., Business Management

I actually felt a bit elated

I discovered Brian on LinkedIn through his many informative posts and decided to check out his service on his website. He is obviously very experienced in all aspect of invention and the arduous route of taking an invention idea from light bulb moment to market. I have gone through a significant part of this invention journey myself and have acquired quite a lot of knowledge along the way. However, I was frustrated with one of my inventions which has great commercial potential but somehow I’ve yet to make the impact I wanted. Hence, recently I paid for a telephone consultation with Brian. I was anxious how he can really help in our 1st one hour call. After explaining my invention, Brian gave an initial assessment which contains positive as well as the challenge of taking my product successfully into the market. However, as we continue in the discussion, Brian started to come out with new and very useful instructive suggestions that made me light up and think ‘yes, this is how I should do my pitch and these are the product and market areas which I should focus on, or try as well’. After the 1 hr call, I actually felt a bit elated as I felt I’ve learned quite a lot and feel more focus on the priority ‘dos’. I am looking forward to my second hour of consultation with Brian.

Kin K., Product Developer

a motivated leader and amazing mentor

Brian is intelligent, has a positive attitude, teamwork mentality and excellent communication skills. He is easy to work with and trustworthy. Throughout the time my husband and I have known him he has shown himself to be a motivated leader and amazing mentor.

Cindita C.

Brian helped us strategize a plan

Brian was exactly the person we needed. After hearing our position, knowing our wants and desires and weighing all options for our business, Brian helped us strategize a plan that was best suited for us and our business. It’s comforting getting counsel from an expert who has the inventor’s best interest in mind. Thank you again Brian!

Jessica D., Property Management

I recommend Brian without reservation

I recommend Brian without reservation. In the vernacular, he is “the real deal”. In my interaction with Brian, I have been impressed by his knowledge and his integrity. He is sincerely interesting in helping his fellow inventor, illuminating the path to successful market research, patenting, and production and distribution or licensing, all the while pointing out possible pitfalls. He’s a good person to know.

Richard A., Investor, Entrepreneur

Brian is one who will help you

If you are an inventor who needs help, Brian is here for you. He has the business experience and connections in the very circumscribed field of inventions and intellectual property. Being a successful inventor himself, he has the knowledge and experience to help you take your invention to market. There are few who can invent and even fewer who can effectively turn a patent into a profit. Brian is one who will help you do just that.

Nicholas C., College Student