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May Newsletter 2023

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May 2023

Whether you’re an experienced inventor or a newbie who just came up with your first big idea, the Inventor Smart Monthly Newsletter is for you! You’ll find valuable tips, useful resources and words of wisdom that can help move your invention ideas forward!!
Inventors and their Inventions
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Inventor Teaching Future Inventors.   Article by:  Brian Fried

As an inventor with issued patents, products licensed, manufactured and available in retailers today, 3x author including “Inventing Secrets Revealed” and most recently “How To Make Money With Your Invention”, host of Got Invention TV & Radio (, Founder regional inventors clubs and now National Inventor Club and on air guest for my inventions on QVC, my daughter Alana now 21 years old and finishing up her junior year of college, has been growing up watching every move I make. I know she has because just being around someone as crazy as me, you can’t help but to realize how things you use every day work, how if something annoys you to figure out another way to make it work, and then write it down, describe the new way you think it can work, draw a picture of what it looks like from the image in your mind…”let’s do a search on the internet and see if it’s out there”, I tell her! Even if we find it online or in a store, I buy it for her, so she can see and use what she imagined to make it real. If we don’t find her idea anywhere and it has potential, we start the invention process together and have produced several of her ideas! 

Spotlight on Learning
Get Ready to Pitch Your Invention, and to Whom

It’s time to start talking about your business entrepreneur invention or product to buyers representing retailers, licensees (manufacturers with the distribution that you would earn royalties from), or licensing agents that might represent your products and pitch your idea for you on your behalf to licensees. The first step in creating your pitch is to figure out who you’ll be pitching to. You need to be prepared and do your research to make sure you’re not pitching a shovel to a kitchen gadget company. Have your best prototype if you’re looking to license your invention or have your finished product if you’re manufacturing and ready to start receiving purchase orders. 

Pitches can happen in an in-person meeting, or through video conference, or over the phone while you share information like video links and pictures or images with them via email. It could be with one person from the company or a team of decision- makers. Now let’s get ready to tell the world what you’ve invented! 

Source: How To Make Money with Your Invention Idea by Brian Fried 



How do I find out if I need a patent, trademark or a copyright?


Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights are three types of intellectual property protection. They are different and serve different purposes.

Patents protect inventions, and improvements to existing inventions.

Trademarks include any word, name, symbol, or device, or any combination, used, or intended to be used in commerce to identify and distinguish the goods of one manufacturer or seller from goods manufactured or sold by others, and to indicate the source of the goods. Service marks include any word, name, symbol, device, or any combination, used, or intended to be used, in commerce, to identify and distinguish the services of one provider from services provided by others, and to indicate the source of the services. 

Copyrights protect literary, artistic, and musical works. For general information, publications and other copyright related topics, you may visit their Web site at . Copyrights information can be obtained from the U.S. Copyright Office, Library of Congress, Washington, DC 20559 or you may call 202 707-3000 or 202 707-6737 (TTY). 


Inventors and their Inventions

National Inventor Club presents the author of “Sticking To My Story” author Donna Griffit, a gifted corporate storyteller and pitch alchemist for over 2 decades and over 30 countries, will help us to create and deliver a powerful presentation, pitch, and message for our big ideas! Pitching yourself, your invention, startup, and business ideas is imperative to moving forward and closing the deal. We can come up with the idea, but we also need to sell it to potential licensees, partners, and investors. We also picked several of our NIC members and had Donna take their current invention pitches, put it in a blender, and see what Donna recreates for them on the spot… it was fun

We were also joined by Janet Gongola – Vice Chief Judge for Engagement at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board together with some members of National Inventor Club who joined the recently concluded Inventor Experience day hosted by the USPTO, they shared to us the wonderful experience they had with the event.

We also heard from Pierre Lespinasse from Small Business Development Center, he gave us advice on how we can create a business plan to achieve growth and success in the business. We also heard introductions from new members of the National Inventor Club. 

National Inventor Club is one of the largest and most active communities for inventors, innovation, and service providers that support invention and continues to provide a nationwide platform for great guest speakers, networking, and connections founded and moderated by Brian Fried, who has been running inventors clubs for over 15 years. 

To become a member, free or paid for inventors and service providers, please join us at National Inventor Club:

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The Got Invention Show

The Got Invention Show features a 30-minute interview where an inventor promotes an invention, seeks a licensing deal, or looks for distribution opportunities. Host Brian Fried focuses on his guest’s challenges and solutions. He asks about their journey, where they are right now, and what will come next. He invites guests to offer words of wisdom to viewers and listeners.

In one of past episodes, Got Invention Show hosted Inventor Guest, Rick Kellow, GreatPlate.
The brainchild of Milwaukee-area husband-and-wife team Rick Kellow and Beth Kuehl, The GreatPlate came about like many great inventions: They had a problem that needed solving. The couple was frustrated that after their teenagers had friends over to play video games and watch movies, there were cans, cups and bottles strewn all over their floor.

One day in 2010, tired of nagging them about the mess, Kellow sketched out a plate with a raised cavity in the center for a cup. With sales over $10M so far, GreatPlate product line continues to grow. Check out Rick’s journey and the evolution of GreatPlate interview.

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Would you like to be our guest on the Got Invention Show? Schedule your interview today to promote your prototype or product now available for sale to now reaching 100 million households!

You and Host Brian will do a 28 minute interview and once the interview is completed, you can use it for your website and social media and we air on Amazon Fire, Roku TV, YouTube TV and next month we will be on Apple TV!! The podcast audio version of your interview is played on Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google and Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music! Small fee, great promotion for you and your invention!!

The USPTO in Alexandria VA hosted National Inventor Club members coming together and treated to an Inventor Experience Day. The event includes tours, educational sessions, and learning of resources available!
Check out our promo video of the day HERE!

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Free Patent Help for Inventors from US Patent & Trademark Office- Pro Bono Programs & Law School Students

National Inventor Club special presentation with staff attorneys’ from the US Patent & Trademark Office/ Patent Trial & Appeal Board, discussing the Patent Pro Bono Program and the Law School Clinic Program for qualified inventors looking to file a patent and limited on funds. These are FREE inventor invention help services.
For more information watch the video interviews on the Patent Pro Bono program CLICK HERE and to find a Law School Clinic Program near you CLICK HERE.

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Celebrating National Inventors Month

Happy National Inventors Month! As an inventor, I understand what we have to go through to take that idea out of our head and make it a reality.
Let’s take a moment and appreciate each other and those that create game changing inventions for us now and in the future! – Brian Fried, Inventor
Here is a list of 20 inventions that have changed the world for some more inspiration… Let’s keep inventing! LINK TO ARTICLE
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“Never to give up and also be objective and listen to constructive criticism and being that the inventor process is an emotional roller coaster ride, that’s where objectivity comes in. Be selective with investment and services to bring your idea to reality.” 

– Carina Wood
Inventor of Simply Spiked Food & Floral Art Forms

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Carina Wood Inventor and premium member of National Inventor Club

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Are you ready to pitch your invention? Now Casting for the Got Invention Show’s “Pitch Your Invention” Mini Series!

Pitch Your Invention is still casting inventors with inventions for a special media series introducing yourself and demonstrating your invention with a 2 minute pitch!

-We’re looking for inventors to give their best 2 minute pitch of their product or prototype and be a part of our upcoming program! (no cost to you and recordings happen from your webcam into our studio).

-If you’re selected, you can be a part of our episodes that may air on Amazon Fire, RokuTV, YouTube TV, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google and Apple Podcast and Amazon Music! If you’ve already submitted, please do not apply again, Brian is starting to feel better and will get started soon!

– If you have yet to apply, click here:

Good Luck!
Got Invention Show

an inventor wants to start a new business

Check out Brian’s latest book just published!!

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Do you have this great idea for an invention in your head? Are you ready to learn how to make money with that invention?

● This book is about taking action so you can take that great idea out of your head and make smart decisions to help you make money. Here’s how it works:

● We’re going to walk through the steps of getting started with your big idea.

● We’ll also explore how to turn your idea into a real prototype.

● We’ll discover resources to protect your ideas and, of course, help plan your future.

So why did I write this book? I want to provide the opportunity for more inventors to learn the process it takes to experience the invention brought to life. Not only to make your invention a reality, but to learn how to earn from your inventions.

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About Brian Fried 

Brian Fried, serial inventor with 13 patents, is an award-winning authority in the invention industry, a sought-after celebrity guest speaker and an advocate for the invention community. As Chief Invention Officer of Inventor Smart and Expert Inventor Coach, Brian represents inventors at every stage of the invention process, project managing new up-and-coming inventions from idea to manufacturing or as an invention licensing agent to secure deals with major brands and earn royalties for inventors.

Brian is the founder of the National Inventor Club where guest speakers focus on topics of interest to the inventor community.

He is a 3x author and his 3rd book, How to Make Money With Your Invention Idea was just published in May 2022. He also hosts Got Invention Show and Radio where you can watch on RokuTV, Amazon Fire, YouTube TV, and you can hear his podcasts on Spotify, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music Google and Apple Podcasts. Brian recently launched a new merch line with various designs for inventors,

You can visit Brian’s personal website at and check out his invention that have been licensed where he earns royalties and manufactures others that he sells on his own currently found in retailers.

Brian’s Inventor MasterClass is now available! If you want to evaluate your invention, find out if licensing or manufacturing is the right decision for you, sign up for an eLearning course at InventorClass.comNational Inventor Club Members receive a discount. For inventor resources, more information and additional tips, visit Inventor Smart.


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Brian and the Inventor Smart Team

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