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How To License Your Invention and Earn Royalties

So, you have an idea for a great new invention and you know you can make money with it. You’ve done your preliminary research, you know your idea is original, and you’ve filed at least for a provisional patent to protect your idea. But, like many new inventors, you may have limited funds or be unfamiliar with […]

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TV Shopping Channels

Home shopping channels may also be a good way to gauge interest and make money when launching your invention. Spend some time watching the format of these channels and look at their schedules for the show times that are similar to your product. Go to the shopping channels direct websites and sift through the required product submission process or call someone that already has a relationship there that can make the process easier and quicker to get to (more…)

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How to Come Up With a Profitable Invention

Read article here:  How to Come Up With a Profitable Invention. Got Invention? Need an Inventor Coach? Need to find Inventor Resources? Keep on Inventing! From your Inventing Tip Master, Brian Fried  

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