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December 2023

Whether you’re experienced famous inventors or a newbie who just came up with your first big Invention idea, the Inventor Smart Monthly Newsletter is for you!
You’ll find valuable tips, useful resources, and words of wisdom that can help move your invention ideas forward!

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What Areas are Important for Inventors to Consider?

  • Licensing – Licensing is another area of consideration for inventors. Licensing is going to a manufacturer with distribution and adding your product to their product line. Keep in mind manufacturers are interested in unique items that will diversify their product offering and to appeal to their buyers. It may not be necessary to perfect your product before presenting your idea since they may make slight modifications to the product(s) should the licensee accept your product into their product line.

  • Protecting your product – Protecting your product can be important – either via a patent, a trademark, or both. Again, doing your own research will determine if your product is indeed different from others currently known. You do not want to infringe on someone else’s intellectual property.

  • Increasing asset value – Another important aspect of intellectual property protection is increasing asset value. If you truly want to build a brand and a business, choose a good product name and apply for a trademark. Similarly, apply for a patent and be sure to follow through on the steps necessary to get see it to the end as an issued patent.

Source: Brian Fried, The Inventor Coach, with Robin Hylton USPTO International Patent Legal Administration

good invention ideas

Tips on Finding A Manufacturer Locally or Overseas to Manufacture Your Product 
Not all products need tooling. Maybe your product needs a seamstress, a machine shop, die-cutting, or steel welding. So, where do you find the companies to do this? I look for local contract manufacturers on and I also look for overseas manufacturers on a site like I ask other people that I network with who they use, like those at your local inventor’s club. Over the years, I’ve built relationships with different types of manufacturing in upstate New York, Colorado, China, Taiwan, and Vietnam and I feel like I can produce almost anything now!

When you’re searching for a factory, notice that there are trading companies, suppliers, and manufacturers that you’ll see listed. I like to work with the factories directly to get their pricing and not have to deal with brokers that markup the cost from the factory. A tip I’ve been doing for years: ask the factory if they can take you on a tour of their factory on a video call. I’ve even watched my products on video being produced overseas. I check to see if the person I’m speaking to is actually working in a factory or if they’re just a broker. I test them. I see if they’re a busy factory and, what types of people they have working there. I look at the cleanliness of the shop and if we can communicate well and they can understand me.

I also ask them to send me a sample of something they produced and experience a transaction, like how am I going to pay them, if they ship on time, and if they do what they say they are going to do. When the package arrives, I check how they packaged the item and I look at the quality. I also like to ask for references from other customers they’ve worked with. Sometimes they offer them to me and sometimes they don’t because of customer confidentiality. You can also find a local factory to manufacture with and you can physically do all of the above in person in the US. You have to find a balance between the costs of manufacturing locally vs. overseas, and the processes and comfort level are most important. You just want to make sure that you’ll have a good potential manufacturing partner for you and your product. 

Source: How To Make Money with Your Invention Idea book by Brian Fried

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Brian Fried will be hosting a panel of Shark Tank ABC veterans for that pitched their products and survived to tell you the tale!

In this webinar, our panel of experienced famous inventors, and entrepreneurs will share their Journeys from inception to commercialization, examining pivotal moments, challenges and triumphs that have led them to where they are today.

During this engaging and interactive session, you’ll learn:

-How to transform your creative concept into a market-ready product or service

-The essential steps to bring your idea to life and reach your target audience

-Strategies for navigating the competitive landscape and scaling your business

-How to approach famous inventors, investors/partners and present your business effectively.

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Question: What practical steps do I have to take to obtain patent protection?


The first step in securing a patent is the filing of a patent application. Many patent offices provide a specific form to fill in. In some patent offices, you can file a patent application online.

In the patent application, in general, you must describe the title of the invention, as well as provide an indication of its technical field. You must also include the background to and a description of the invention, in clear language and enough detail that a person with an average understanding of the field could use or reproduce the invention. Such descriptions are usually accompanied by visual materials such as drawings, plans, or diagrams to better describe the invention and an abstract, which contains a brief summary of the invention. You must also clearly and concisely define the matter for which patent protection is sought in the “claims” part of the patent application.

In addition, depending on the applicable patent law, you may need to submit various kinds of statements, declarations, or supporting documents to a patent office. In view of the complexity it is recommended that you consult a patent attorney or a patent agent to prepare a patent application.


Inventors and their Inventions

The National Inventor Club recently hosted a distinguished guest, Kathi Vidal, the Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the US Patent & Trademark Office. During the event, Director Vidal shared her expert insights on a range of crucial topics. These included delving into the history and facts surrounding the USPTO, offering a comprehensive understanding of its origins and current status. She also shed light on recent developments and initiatives at the USPTO that have the potential to reshape the landscape of innovation.

In addition to Director Vidal’s presentation, the event featured several notable speakers who provided valuable perspectives. Charlene Walters offered advice and tips for inventors and startup entrepreneurs, focusing on maintaining a positive outlook despite the challenges faced in the field. Pierre Laspinasse, a Business Advisor from SBDC, discussed the opportunities for entrepreneurs to leverage the free services provided by SBDC. Samantha St. Raymond, the VP of Membership at Inventor Smart Community, shared insights into the growth of the Community App and its role in product advertising and supporting inventing journeys.

The event also provided an opportunity to introduce new members to the National Inventor Club. Darlene, a new premium member, was welcomed into the community. Additionally, the spotlight was on Amy Knight, recognized as the Inventor Spotlight of the Month. The event not only offered a platform for expert insights but also showcased the diverse and dynamic community within the National Inventor Club. 

National Inventor Club is one of the largest and most active communities for inventors, innovation, and service providers that support invention and continues to provide a nationwide platform for great guest speakers, networking, and connections founded and moderated by Brian Fried, who has been running inventors clubs for over 15 years. 

To become a member,, please join us at National Inventor Club: or download the Inventor Smart Community app Available on Apple App Store or Google Play.

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The Got Invention Show

The Got Invention Show features a 30-minute interview where an inventor promotes an invention, seeks a licensing deal, or looks for distribution opportunities. Host Brian Fried focuses on his guest’s challenges and solutions. He asks about their journey, where they are right now, and what will come next. He invites guests to offer words of wisdom to viewers and listeners.

In one of the episodes of the Got Invention Show, we delved into the captivating journey of Gene Keough, an Engineer and the inventive mind behind the “Drill Paddle.” Gene generously shared the narrative of his business journey, offering invaluable advice on various facets of famous inventors, entrepreneurship. His story is a testament to determination and success, spanning from the initial stages of developing the product to successfully marketing and selling it nationwide, and even making international appearances.

The Drill Paddle garnered notable recognition when featured on a Japanese game show, propelling Gene Keough into the international spotlight. Today, he continues to receive orders from around the globe. Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, famous inventors, Gene actively inspires others, particularly high school students, encouraging them to formulate business plans, explore the realm of retail sales, and embrace calculated risks. His story is not just one of personal achievement but a source of motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs, famous inventors. Don’t miss the chance to be inspired by his remarkable journey!

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Would you like to be our guest on the Got Invention Show? Schedule your interview today to promote your prototype or product now available for sale to now reaching 100 million households!

You and Host Brian will do a 28 minute interview and once the interview is completed, you can use it for your website and social media and we air on Amazon Fire, Roku TV, YouTube TV and next month we will be on Apple TV!! The podcast audio version of your interview is played on Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google and Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music! Small fee, great promotion for you and your invention!!

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“Just believe in yourself and go with your gut instincts and just, and keep being positive and don’t let others try to deter you. I think that’s really important to just follow your dream and what you believe in. ”

-Tarkan Basityali

Inventor and Member of National Inventor Club

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About Brian Fried 

Inventor. Speaker. Coach. Author. Radio & TV Host. Founder.

Brian Fried, known as “The Inventor Coach,” is a highly accomplished innovator, author, and speaker. With 15 patents to his name, he has successfully licensed and manufactured his own inventions, gaining recognition through QVC, infomercials, catalogs, and major retailers. For over 18 years, Brian has been working closely with inventors, providing one-on-one coaching as an invention licensing agent and guiding inventors in commercializing their ideas into tangible products.

As an expert speaker, Brian captivates audiences with his engaging talks on innovation and invention. He has authored three books, offering practical advice and strategies for aspiring inventors. In addition to his speaking and writing endeavors, Brian hosts the “Got Invention Show,” a platform that showcases inventors and their creations, providing them with valuable exposure.

Brian is the founder of the National Inventor Club, a community that supports and connects inventors, famous inventors fostering collaboration and networking opportunities. He serves as the Chief Invention Officer of Inventor Smart, an invention consultancy that assists inventors in bringing their ideas to fruition.

In October 2023, Brian officially launched the Inventor Smart Community, an innovative social media and resource center exclusively designed for inventors. The app, now available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store, aims to create a vibrant community where inventors can connect, share ideas, and access valuable resources. With his extensive experience, resourcefulness, and commitment to helping inventors succeed, Brian Fried has become a trusted figure in the invention industry. Inventors famous inventors and aspiring innovators can rely on his expertise and guidance to navigate the complexities of the invention process and turn their ideas into reality. | |

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