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got invention radio

Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

Interview Part 3

Interview Part 4

Got Invention Radio presented by Inventors Digest had 4 inventors on each segment to help bring them to the next level by answering their questions live on the air! Questions were answered about patenting, marketing, manufacturing, importing, packaging, public relations, designing and much more…Cathi Reyes of, Rick Francis of Diane Plumert of ttp:// and Matt Butler of and below was our expert panel:

John Calvert, administrator of the Inventors Assistance Program for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Prior to this, John had been responsible for supervising examiners in the area of textile technology and in the area of absorbent products. He also served as acting director for the Office of Independent Inventor Programs.

Bill McAlister, founder and president of direct response and product sourcing for Media Enterprises. Bill specializes in acquiring, developing and marketing products. He started his career at QVC and later was a vendor for the Home Shopping Network. He has helped sell more than $1 billion in consumer products..

Brian Fried is host of Got Invention Radio. As a successful, seasoned inventor, he embraces a “pay it forward” ethos. He helped found the Inventors and Entrepreneur Club of Suffolk County in New York, he holds four patents, with more pending under his company, Think Up Designs.

Mike Drummond is a Pulitzer finalist, author and award-winning editor of Inventors Digest, the nation’s longest-running Web and print publication for the inventing industry. Mike specializes in innovation, social marketing, public relations, building partnerships & identifying compelling products.