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What’s next for you?

I would love to host a TV show for inventors. I was asked by inventors to work on a solid show, just like Got Invention Radio, interviewing top experts and resources. I also plan on taking my inventor consulting business to the next level, providing inventors with solid help and advice from scratch on a […]

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How do you bring ideas to life

I quickly write my idea down to capture my thought. Then I do a quick search on the major search engines to see if it already exists. I make a great prototype, get some patent protection and explore the options of manufacturing or licensing. I also keep exploring my options and getting the word out […]

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What are 3 trends from inventors that excite you

1. I see more and more companies looking for new, fresh and exciting ideas from inventors.

2. I see more and more people looking to pursue their ideas because of today’s economy, and they want to set themselves up to have residual income or start their new business.

3. I see more and more people needing great information to help them with their ideas, and that excites me to host the radio show, Got Invention Radio.

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Free Patent Help – The US Patent & Trademark Office Pro Bono Program

I interviewed the USPTO (US Patent & Trademark Office) on Got Invention Radio to discuss the Pro Bono Program(YES, free patent legal services if you qualify!) to help protect your invention ideas. Listen to the interview here: http://gotinvention.com/pastshows.php?show_id=229 - Enjoy and I hope the interview helps you. Listen to other past shows including guests from Shark Tank, Alibaba.com, ThomasNet, 3D Hubs, ThomasNet, Hasbro, the inventor of the Cell Phone, LegalZoom and many more. http://gotinvention.com/pastshows.php

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Interview: Leslie Scott, Inventor of the Jenga on Got Invention Radio

Interview Part 1 Interview Part 2 Interview Part 3 Interview Part 4 Leslie Scott is the inventor of Jenga, the co-founder of Oxford Games Ltd, and the author of ‘About Jenga: The Remarkable Business of Creating a Game that Became a Household Name.’ Born and raised in Africa, and educated in Sierra Leone, Kenya and […]

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Interview: ThomasNet.com -Find a Manufacturer and Other Resources for Inventorson Got Invention Radio

Interview Part 1 Interview Part 2 Interview Part 3 Interview Part 4 Brendan O’Connell, Director of Web Operations for ThomasNet.com and Paul Gerbino, Publisher of ThomasNet News (formerly known as Thomas Register) will present inventors invaluable information on how to find and research potential partners for making your prototype, finding engineers, CAD drawings (3d drawings) […]

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