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What are some good ways to monitor the pulse of the market?

•Research constantly. Trade shows are a great way to learn about and gauge up-and-coming trends. Industry trade publications and websites will also help you stay involved. •See what competitors are doing. Visit retail or distribution channels where you feel your products should be, and talk with their owners. That will help you stay in the […]

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What happens if you find a similar idea has already been patented?

Your invention may be novel and unique enough that you can still move forward. You may also consider working with the company that holds the patent. But don’t do anything until first consulting with a patent attorney. Another option is come up with a good “trademarkable” name and start manufacturing, but make sure you are […]

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What should an inventor keep in mind when starting out?

•Track the time and resources you’re investing in your product, and keep them separate from personal finances. •Consult with a patent attorney or professional search firm to make sure your idea can be patented, and to keep the process on the right track. •Be alert to your costs and market forces, and how they may […]

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How do you feel about inventing?

It definitely has its ups and downs both emotionally and financially, but it’s a passion of mine to find solutions to things that I can see being done differently or made easier. It’s just the most amazing experience to see your product out there for someone to buy and use it for the same reason […]

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What’s next for you?

I would love to host a TV show for inventors. I was asked by inventors to work on a solid show, just like Got Invention Radio, interviewing top experts and resources. I also plan on taking my inventor consulting business to the next level, providing inventors with solid help and advice from scratch on a […]

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How do you bring ideas to life

I quickly write my idea down to capture my thought. Then I do a quick search on the major search engines to see if it already exists. I make a great prototype, get some patent protection and explore the options of manufacturing or licensing. I also keep exploring my options and getting the word out […]

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What are 3 trends from inventors that excite you

1. I see more and more companies looking for new, fresh and exciting ideas from inventors.

2. I see more and more people looking to pursue their ideas because of today’s economy, and they want to set themselves up to have residual income or start their new business.

3. I see more and more people needing great information to help (more…)

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