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Free Patent Help – The US Patent & Trademark Office Pro Bono Program

I interviewed the USPTO (US Patent & Trademark Office) on Got Invention Radio to discuss the Pro Bono Program(YES, free patent legal services if you qualify!) to help protect your invention ideas. Listen to the interview here: – Enjoy and I hope the interview helps you. Listen to other past shows including guests from Shark Tank,, (more…)

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Intellectual Property Evaluation Tool From US Patent & Trademark Office

While looking for great resources to share for inventors and entrepreneurs, I came across a free online tool from the US Patent & Trademark Office, that will allow creators of intellectual property to recognize when they have an asset that can give them a competitive edge in the marketplace and when they should seek IP protection. Find out more about various patents you can file for, trademark or service mark protection, copyrights, trade secrets, (more…)

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3D Prototypes with Delivers

You made that beautifully designed 3D rendering of your invention idea and now looking to have a prototype made. There are services that offer you to upload your 3D files, select your material to print in and ship right to your door. This could be a great option for those inventors or tinkerers that are just getting started or may be something new to others that you may want to explore. (more…)

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Sourcing Products and Manufacturers with

I had the opportunity to interview Director of global marketing Michael Lee, on my Got Invention Radio show. His mission is to help companies which have sourcing needs to learn about services and how can help their businesses grow. Michael brought 15 years of marketing experience from several Fortune 500 companies including Dell and Hewlett-Packard, with focus (more…)

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Did Your Invention Hit A Brick Wall?

Last night I was consulting an inventor on Skype that was just starting off with her invention. She had a homemade prototype, quote from a patent attorney of$5,000, a quote from a patent searcher of $1,000 and a quote for engineering of $9,000. She struggled to explain what the products purpose was at first and then once I understood it’s purpose and function, I put up a red flag. Out of all the inventions in the world, she presents one so similar to one I’ve already worked on with another (more…)

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How To Get Your Invention Distributed

Deciding how to bring your invention to the next level can lead you into different directions. You may need to pitch your soon-to-be product to retail buyers, licensees, agents or representatives and should take the time to evaluate what may be the best options for you. Do your research and make sure you are not pitching a shovel to a kitchen gadget company!


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Just got a call from inventor asking about launching her product…

Inventor called and we discussed her product that is fully developed, great idea and at a crossroad on what to do… She has a full time job, has limited cash and wants to manufacture her product on her own. We discussed her options and spoke about starting slow, maybe reaching out to catalogs, building a website and generate some online sales and build a track record and at the same time, this is a way for you to gauge interest without (more…)

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Steps to Invention Success..Where are you? By Brian Fried

1. Starts with an idea in your head, on a napkin, text, email or leave yourself a voice message to capture your idea before it disappears!
2. Attempt for intellectual property protection, including provisional, design, non provisional or utility patent and/or trademark.
3. Bringing your product to life-computer drawings (CAD), identify materials needed and make a prototype.
4. Licensing-preparing for licensees (more…)

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Find An Inventor Mentor

When you come up with that big idea there may be questions you need help with or during your invention journey, there may be times where you may feel like you just hit a brick wall. You scour the internet looking for answers from the right person or company to help you and are hesitant to get anyone else involved. At some point on your venture, you will need to connect with someone to help you take your invention to the next level. (more…)

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What Did You Come Up With?

THINK ABOUT IT…If you had the chance to improve something you see happening everyday or doing everyday and have a chance to make it better, what would it be?

Be aware of what people are doing and what you see that can be done differently or improved upon or that may not even exist!

Make it a great inventing day!

Your Inventing Tip Master,

Brian Fried

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