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Who to Pitch Your Invention Ideas To

Are you ready to pitch your invention to the pros, buyers, licensees, agents, etc.? You need to be prepared and do your research to make sure you are not pitching a shovel to a kitchen gadget company!

Direct Response TV (DRTV) companies are looking for mass audience appeal and will pick up where you left off in your invention process. I still would do my due diligence and have a proper patent search done and have some level of (more…)

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Start Searching for Your Invention Ideas

I hear people tell me that they have so many great ideas! Well.. What are you doing with them? You need to get started’s 2015!
Make a list and prioritize them by industry, then think about your audience- is it for everyone (be realistic with answering this) or is it specific for certain people?
This will give you a gauge if its a DRTV(direct response TV) product or a more specific industry. Then think about if it should be in a mass retailer or a specialty store or catalog? (more…)

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Did You Start on Your Invention Idea?

So, how did it go? I’m checking in with you to see how your invention is coming along after getting you started from my last post and preparing your invention by doing a basic search.

Now let’s focus this week on your next step..

Did you find your big idea out there already? Are you moving on and waiting for your next idea to hit you? It hurts for a little while and then (more…)

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Start Working on Your Big Idea Now!

You think you have the next big idea and you have done nothing yet? Well, I know you’ve been busy – Prepare what you want to get accomplished! Some quick tips to get you started on your idea and then I will check back with you soon…

Write down, text, leave yourself a voice message describing your idea. (2 minutes)
Draw what you envision your idea to look like- think about how it would be made, (more…)

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Next Steps to Launching your Invention Idea- Quick Inventing Tips

An Inventor called me and we discussed her product that is fully developed, is a great idea and at a crossroad on what to do next. She has a full time job, has limited cash and wants to manufacture her product on her own. We discussed her options and spoke about starting slow, maybe reaching out to catalogs, building a website and generate some online sales and build a track record and at the same time (more…)

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When You Come Up With an Invention Idea- 10 Quick Steps

1. Starts with an idea in your head, on a napkin, text, email or leave yourself a voice message to capture your idea before it disappears!
2. Attempt for intellectual property protection, including provisional, design, non provisional or utility patent and/or trademark.
3. Bringing your product to life-computer drawings (CAD), identify materials needed and make a prototype.
4. Licensing-preparing for licensees and representation
5.Manufacturing-preparing for production (more…)

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Are You an Inventor? Do You Want to Be an Inventor?

So many people I run into say they “want to be an inventor”… Everyone is an inventor, they just need to be aware that they are already! Click here to read my article on describing what it takes to be an inventor!

Keep on Inventing!

From your Inventing Tip Master,

Brian Fried  (more…)

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