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Interview: Product Development Basics, Craig Stucko

craig stucko

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Craig Stucko has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing but his true love is “Designing for Manufacturability”, “anyone can design a product” he says “the trick is to design it so that the manufacturing costs are in line with the consumer’s purchase price.” Craig draws from his extensive experience that started when he was just a boy in the basement of his Brooklyn home working on custom machinery that was designed by his dad. Early on Craig saw the benefits of using CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Machining) software to develop and manufacture products at low cost, Craig Stucko was so taken with computers that he moved on to supplying programming services to companies to run Automated Machinery. Craig then saw the world shifting from metal to plastic and moved on to plastic product design which he found to be a wonderful workplace that allows you to do things like build hardware directly into your product to minimize the need for “Off-the-Shelf” components. Craig’s last position was as the Director of Engineering of a large Multi-National injection molding company where he was very heavily involved in product and tooling design, this position also allowed him to travel to Europe and Asia to see how design and manufacture is done Globally. Eventually Craig’s entrepreneurial spirit pushed him forward to his current position as the owner of “E Windward LLC”, supplying Product Development services to Inventors ranging from Concept, Design, Prototyping, Packaging, etc., right on through to Production. Craig is an inventor and patent holder (Sur-Grip) with patents pending.