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I Have an Invention Idea, but No Money

You Have a Brilliant Invention Idea and Limited on Money. Now What?

If you’re brimming with excitement over your new invention concept but don’t have a huge budget to get it off the ground, don’t despair. While turning an idea into a profitable reality takes resources, the most important step is getting expert advice right from the start – and protecting your intellectual property.

That’s where Brian, The Inventor Coach, comes in.

Brian’s not just an experienced advisor; he’s an inventor too. With his own big ideas and firsthand understanding of the process, he offers guidance on:

Brian’s experience saves you time, money, and frustration. He’ll give you an honest assessment – even if your idea needs work, he’ll help you avoid wasting resources.

Why Brian Is Your Trusted Inventor Coach

  • Confidentiality: Brian understands the importance of protecting your ideas and will sign a non-disclosure agreement for your peace of mind.
  • Proven Track Record: He’s been helping inventors make money from their ideas for almost two decades, earning a high approval rating and positive testimonials.
  • Honesty and Trust: Brian believes in building trusting relationships. Your invention journey starts with knowing your secret is safe.
  • Shared Passion: As an inventor himself, Brian understands your excitement and the unique challenges you face.

Learn more about Brian Fried on his personal website,

Take the Next Step

  • Schedule a FREE 10-minute Call: Discuss your idea and how Brian can help. CLICK HERE
  • Book a Full Consultation: Invest in in-depth, one-hour guidance. CLICK HERE

Boost Your Knowledge:

The Time to Act Is Now!

Your invention has the potential to change your life, but every moment you wait is time lost. Get started today and let Brian help you make your big idea a reality.


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