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Inventing Ideas

How to come up with an Invention Idea

When you take on a new challenge it can take time, patience and practice before it becomes more second nature. It’s similar when trying to come up with an idea or invention and may require a different approach. Be aware of your environment and pay attention to what’s happening around you.

Look at how people are doing things and think about how they could do it better or how you are using a daily product or doing something regularly and see how it could be improved upon.

Invention Idea Tip 1: Think.. Problem and Solution

How are people using their cell phones, tying their shoes, holding their purse or bag, playing a game, typing on the computer, able to see from a distance with poor vision, navigate to their destination, reducing their salt intake, making foods taste better and we can go on with so many examples of this. Ideas can be a product, service, plant, experiment, process or anything you can imagine.

Think about how the following examples evolved and look around at that the products you are using may have been modified many times to how they are being used today. Playing football for fun without pads and having a simple catch could hurt, so Minnesota Vikings kicker Fred Cox invented and introduced the NERF football in 1972 which was a lightweight ball made out of a foam material.

The Nerf Football can now be played in the dark with a light up and glow-in-the dark version Nerf football. Look at how there is a now Yo-Yo for everyone. First, it was a toy that required a bit of skill to get that string in between the round discs which was fun for some and frustrating for others. Now there is an automatic wind up Yo-Yo that is a ball with a string inside that you throw down and returns right back to into the ball and to hand where it started from.

Invention Idea Tip 2: Problems Create Ideas

Many of us look at problems as a negative though process and others look at those challenges as opportunity. These problems can be the start of solutions, finding ways to make what that problem was easier and better.Start to write down what you think the solutions can be.

Is what you are thinking of make it easier to accomplish? How and why is your solution better? You are most likely asking and answering these questions to yourself. Think about checking-in with the public from a broad prospective and see what they think.

Invention Idea Tip 3: Continue to Keep Your Solutions to Yourself

You want to do some general research and figure out if your solutions will be something that others would potentially use. Go online and lookup what it is you are dissatisfied with and keep your solution in mind to evaluate if others are complaining about the same thing. Are they talking about why it is happening or what should be improved upon? Ask others you know if your problem is happening to them. Keep a list of your research and findings and evaluate if this idea has potential.

Invention Idea Tip 4: Captivating Invention Ideas

Ideas can come and go and be sure to capture your thoughts immediately by writing them down, text messaging yourself, recording a voice message on your cell phone or any which way to capture it before it disappears or you get distracted. Organize them in categories such as housewares, hardware, apps, novelty, scientific, electronics, toys, games or other categories related to your ideas. Prioritize the ideas on your list that have the most potential and which may not be a big enough difference or solution.

Practicing this exercise of focusing on problems and solutions to everyday life will find you being continuously aware of what you and others are doing in common or unusual situations. Sifting through these ideas to find the ones that have the biggest potential may be the most rewarding. You are on your way to taking your idea and turning it into an invention.