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Start Searching for Your Invention Ideas

I hear people tell me that they have so many great ideas! Well.. What are you doing with them? You need to get started’s 2015!
Make a list and prioritize them by industry, then think about your audience- is it for everyone (be realistic with answering this) or is it specific for certain people?
This will give you a gauge if its a DRTV(direct response TV) product or a more specific industry. Then think about if it should be in a mass retailer or a specialty store or catalog?
Now put your ideas in priority order of which ones you feel has the best chance of success and start
searching on your own. Go onto which is the US Patent and Trademark Office, go onto several search engines and take your time!! This initial step will save you from going forward with an idea that already exists or keep you moving forward.
Use different ways to describe your idea and what I’ve been using the search engines images tab sifting through those photos and then I hit the web search.
Then I take what I find, bring it to a patent agent or patent attorney and get an opinion if it has opportunity for patent protection or if I have to take other routes without infringing on someone else’s intellectual property, like coming up with a good “trademarkable” name.
Get started today with your ideas before you kick yourself when one day you see your idea on TV or the store shelves!keep on inventing!Brian FriedYour Inventing Tips MasterI can also help you sift through your idea scratch pad or notebook.

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