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Start Working on Your Big Idea Now!

You think you have the next big idea and you have done nothing yet? Well, I know you’ve been busy – Prepare what you want to get accomplished! Some quick tips to get you started on your idea and then I will check back with you soon…

Write down, text, leave yourself a voice message describing your idea. (2 minutes)
Draw what you envision your idea to look like- think about how it would be made, what material would be
used, who would buy it, why they would buy it and what would something like your invention cost? (10-30 minutes)
Do a search to see if your invention idea is already out there or way too similar. Check online stores, go to stores where you think your product could be sold one day, search websites and images online, go to the US Patent and Trademark Office website or google patents and search out prior patent art to start. (2-4 hours.. take your time!)
I’ll check back with you soon!

And if you don’t have an idea to work on… your assignment is to be aware of all going on around you and think of ways of improving something you feel may be too complicated!

keep on inventing!

Brian Fried

Your Inventing Tips Master

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