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Interview: Todd Brabender News PR, Inc on Got Invention Radio

Todd Brabender

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Todd Brabender is the President/Owner of Spread The News Public Relations, Inc. His business specializes in generating widespread media exposure and publicity for innovative products, services and experts all over the U.S. and Canada. Since 1996, Spread The News’ clients have been featured in thousands of trade and general circulation magazines; daily & weekly newspapers; TV/Radio/Cable shows & newscasts; and even the increasingly popular media of Internet e-zines, blogs and online news sites.

Spread The News PR has worked with clients from New York to California and Canada to Mexico to help them benefit from the often-overlooked marketing advantages of media exposure and publicity. Before starting Spread Todd Brabender The News PR, Brabender was a veteran TV news producer and reporter whose newscasts received national recognition for excellence.

“Because of media experience like that, we know first hand how the media works and understand exactly what editors, reporters and producers nationwide are looking to feature. That expertise really differentiates us from many other firms and publicists out there. We use that edge to generate the most extensive media exposure for our clients as we can.”