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August Newsletter 2023

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Inventors and their Inventions

August 2023

Whether you’re an experienced inventor or a newbie who just came up with your first big idea, the Inventor Smart Monthly Newsletter is for you!
You’ll find valuable tips, useful resources, and words of wisdom that can help move your invention ideas forward!

Inventors and their Inventions

Why Should You Know the Steps of Patent Protection?

Protecting an original idea or creation is a process with sequential steps. Many people do not know exactly how or where to start when applying for a patent.

Hundreds of applications for patents are rejected because the applicant did not know what to do and when to do it to protect his or her original creation. The first thing you need to do is find out if the idea already exists. This means you have to perform a worldwide search to find out whether it is already owned by someone else or not.

Ensure you do a background search to avoid any conflict of ownership or duplication of an idea. You will then need to have all documentation needed to patent it. You may also need to do a little research about every step you will follow and what will be required of you.  Remember that before you gain patent status, you will have to prove the discovery’s utility and its uniqueness. With all these, it is easy to have the patenting process successful.

Source: Inventing Secrets Revealed Book by Brian Fried

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Brian Fried presented with Janet Gongola,Vice Chief Judge for Strategy at the USPTO Patent Trial and Appeal Board and Mariessa Terrell, Attorney Advisor in the USPTO’s Trademarks Customer Outreach office. talking patents, trademarks, and copyrights, while Brian shares his experiences utilizing and commercializing Intellectual property from an inventor and business perspective. 

If you’re an entrepreneur, start-up or small business owner, it’s important to understand how to protect yourself using intellectual property rights. In this session, we’ll be joined by experts from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and a successful inventor and entrepreneur who will break down the basics of patents, trademarks and copyrights.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the federal trademark registration process, the importance of trademarking goods and services, how patents can protect innovative ideas and preserve your creative work with copyrights. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the different types of intellectual property
  • Learn the federal trademark registration process
  • Practical application of trademarks, patents and copyrights in the business world

Watch the session 

Brian’s highlight

Full version

Inventors and their Inventions
Spotlight on Learning
Understanding Barcodes

You’re ready to begin manufacturing!

You’ve shared your CAD file or specifications of your invention. You found your factory and they provided a quote on the tooling, if necessary. And you know your production cost per unit, based on a quantity, or that MOQ the minimum or- der quantity. At this time, you should have a draft or finished packaging design and copy complete. This was done with the manufacturer, or you hired a graphic or packaging designer. You should also have prepared instructions if needed for the packaging, or inserted into the packaging, or maybe it’s a manual that needs to be created.

Don’t forget about the final touches of your packaging by adding a unique barcode number. If you’re going to go in distribution with retailers, then you’ll need your own barcode account. You can go to the website They’re the ones that administer those UPC barcodes (Universal Product Code). The barcode itself is encoded with a couple of important things like the country of origin, usually where your company is headquartered, and your company prefix where you’re assigned a unique identification number. The first part of the barcode is for the global supply chain to look up a company and the rest is a code for the product you’re selling and its description. If you try to sell or purchase barcodes with the third party company, those barcodes are going to have the wrong company prefix. I don’t think it’s a good idea to work with someone else’s prefix. Just get your own. Beyond that, a barcode is an ID that’s linked to a product for as long as the barcode system is used. For example, while writing this I am snacking on a jar of mixed nuts from Costco’s Kirkland brand. I’m looking at the prefix of the product barcode and it starts with 96619, which is for Kirkland. Then there’s a string of numbers afterwards which would relate to the specific product information stored within the universal barcode database. When a retailer rings you up at the register, the barcode information for that product is retrieved and also used for inventory purposes. Interesting. Barcodes.

Source: How To Make Money with Your Invention Idea Book by Brian Fried


Question: Question: How do I protect my invention in several countries?


Patents are territorially limited. In order to protect your invention in multiple countries you have a few options:

(a)  Direct or Paris route: you can directly file separate patent applications at the same time in all of the countries in which you would like to protect your invention (for some countries, regional patents may be available) or, having filed in a Paris Convention country (one of the Member States of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property), then file separate patent applications in other Paris Convention countries within 12 months from the filing date of that first patent application, giving you the benefit in all those countries of claiming the filing date of the first application;

(b)  PCT route: you can file an application under the PCT, directly or within the 12-month period provided for by the Paris Convention from the filing date of a first application, which has legal effect in all Contracting States of the PCT.

Comparison of Paris and PCT Route  



Inventors and their Inventions

Are you looking to launch your product or invention? If so, trade shows can be a great way to get your product in front of buyers and retailers, or even find a manufacturer to license your invention and earn royalties.

For our July National Inventor Club meeting we hosted the president of one of the largest trade shows in North America, The Inspired Home Show, Derek Miller, President of International Housewares Association, sharing his secrets to success for inventors, how to meet with buyers and retailers, make the most of your trade show experience and find tradeshows for other industries for you to attend.

This free livestreaming National Inventor Club meeting is a must-watch for any inventor who is serious about launching their product. You will learn everything you need to know about attending trade shows and how to use them to your advantage.

We were also joined by the USPTO Christy Whitaker and Brandy Zukanovich, they discussed the upcoming events and inventor hour series at the USPTO that are available to all inventors and entrepreneurs. We also heard from Pierre Laspinasse a Business Advisor from SBDC, who shared some tips that can help inventors to create business plans for their inventions and how SBDC can help them how to monetize and commercialize their invention ideas. We also got some advised from Bob Quintana on how we can move forward and achieve success despite facing some adversities and hitting a brick wall. Another guest that we had was Mary Couzin the President of People of Play – POP! Inventors and everyone who loves the toy and game industry should follow the activity of People of Play which can also help you with your invention ventures. 

National Inventor Club is one of the largest and most active communities for inventors, innovation, and service providers that support invention and continues to provide a nationwide platform for great guest speakers, networking, and connections founded and moderated by Brian Fried, who has been running inventors clubs for over 15 years.

To become a member, free or paid for inventors and service providers, please join us at National Inventor Club,now found in the Inventor Smart Community App, with our very own social media chat forums, networking and resources for every inventor!!

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Inventors and their Inventions
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The Got Invention Show

The Got Invention Show features a 30-minute interview where an inventor promotes an invention, seeks a licensing deal, or looks for distribution opportunities. Host Brian Fried focuses on his guest’s challenges and solutions. He asks about their journey, where they are right now, and what will come next. He invites guests to offer words of wisdom to viewers and listeners.

In latest episodes of Got Invention Show, we had a chance to meet  Artie Dannunzio of Dannunzio Designed.

Dannunzio Jewelry is a renowned brand with a history spanning almost 70 years, originating in 1955 in New York City’s diamond district. Founded by the Dannunzio family, third-generation Artie Dannunzio played a pivotal role in transforming the brand into a global jewelry business known for its exceptional quality and innovation. The pinnacle of their innovation is the Mirror Collection, featuring an illusion diamond-set design with a technique that is so effective even experts cannot accurately visually determine the diamond carat weight. With more than 70 worldwide patents for construction and design, Artie Dannunzio is passionate about supporting and bringing the message forward that jewelry can be innovative. As a disruptor in the industry, Artie continued to push innovation by patenting globally recognized icons and named the collection Yours Mine Ours. Artie’s patented symbols include an intertwining heart, a single heart, and infinity symbols combined with birthstones. Whether it is an engagement ring or a mother’s ring, any piece of jewelry can be personalized with the engraved symbols and birthstones of the customer’s choosing. Artie is now embarking on the next chapter of his journey, launching an innovative e-commerce website and expanding into new international and US markets with the Dannunzio brand experience. In this new era, Artie will reach a wider audience and directly connect with consumers who resonate with the Dannunzio brand, a distinct blend of elegance and innovation.

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i have an invention idea now what

Would you like to be our guest on the Got Invention Show? Schedule your interview today to promote Click Here to Watch All Inventor Interviewsyour prototype or product now available for sale to now reaching 100 million households!

You and Host Brian will do a 28 minute interview and once the interview is completed, you can use it for your website and social media and we air on Amazon Fire, Roku TV, YouTube TV and next month we will be on Apple TV!! The podcast audio version of your interview is played on Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google and Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music! Small fee, great promotion for you and your invention!!

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“Coming up with the idea is the easy part! Everyone thinks this is the most challenging aspect, but it’s not. Making your invention a reality is the real challenge. Everything from navigating the patent and trademark office, understanding product market fit, developing the prototype, and finally getting into production is also not for the faint of heart. (NIC helps with all of these things.) But what is truly challenging is bringing this new idea, this innovation, into the mainstream so you can begin to recover all the money that you put into it. That is the tricky part. If you believe in your invention as much as I believe in mine, this is where the real work begins, and you will need every ounce of faith in your product you can muster! My advice is to have confidence in your idea, enough to go around, so when times get tough, think back to the one fantastic design award or that dazzling feedback from a customer to help keep your energy level high! If you don’t believe in your project anymore, no one else will either.”

– Kerry Cooke

Inventor and Member of National Inventor Club

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Do you have this great idea for an invention in your head? Are you ready to learn how to make money with that invention?

●      This book is about taking action so you can take that great idea out of your head and make smart decisions to help you make money. Here’s how it works:

●      We’re going to walk through the steps of getting started with your big idea.

●      We’ll also explore how to turn your idea into a real prototype.

●      We’ll discover resources to protect your ideas and, of course, help plan your future.

So why did I write this book? I want to provide the opportunity for more inventors to learn the process it takes to experience the invention brought to life. Not only to make your invention a reality, but to learn how to earn from your inventions.

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famous inventors BRIAN FRIED

About Brian Fried 

Inventor. Speaker. Coach. Author. Radio & TV Host. Founder. 

Brian Fried, known as “The Inventor Coach,” is a highly accomplished innovator, author, and speaker. With 15 patents to his name, he has successfully licensed and manufactured his own inventions, gaining recognition through QVC, infomercials, catalogs, and major retailers. For over 18 years, Brian has been working closely with inventors, providing one-on-one coaching as an invention licensing agent and guiding inventors in commercializing their ideas into tangible products. 

As an expert speaker, Brian captivates audiences with his engaging talks on innovation and invention. He has authored three books, offering practical advice and strategies for aspiring inventors. In addition to his speaking and writing endeavors, Brian hosts the “Got Invention Show,” a platform that showcases inventors and their creations, providing them with valuable exposure.

Brian is the founder of the National Inventor Club, a community that supports and connects inventors, fostering collaboration and networking opportunities. He serves as the Chief Invention Officer of Inventor Smart, an invention consultancy that assists inventors in bringing their ideas to fruition.

In August 2023, Brian is set to officially launch the Inventor Smart Community app, an innovative social media and resource center exclusively designed for inventors. The app, now available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store, aims to create a vibrant community where inventors can connect, share ideas, and access valuable resources.

With his extensive experience, resourcefulness, and commitment to helping inventors succeed, Brian Fried has become a trusted figure in the invention industry. Inventors and aspiring innovators can rely on his expertise and guidance to navigate the complexities of the invention process and turn their ideas into reality.


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