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Did You Start on Your Invention Idea?

So, how did it go? I’m checking in with you to see how your invention is coming along after getting you started from my last post and preparing your invention by doing a basic search.

Now let’s focus this week on your next step..

Did you find your big idea out there already? Are you moving on and waiting for your next idea to hit you? It hurts for a little while and then you find your next idea to focus on without having not to
have put anymore time or money into it.

You didn’t find anything similar and you’re ready to continue moving forward?
Did you take your time and really search around?

Ok good.. So now we will work on finding out if your invention idea is yours.
Compile all that you found, links, printouts, photos of products, patent artwork you found on (US Patent and Trademark office official site) or Google Patents website or any others. Did you look through catalogs, maybe ones that you have laying around or on their websites?

At this point you can also decide pay for a patent search. I have a few that I have suggested in the past that will look for prior art within the official patent databases and report to you their findings. Some will give you an opinion from an intellectual property agent or attorney and let you know if based on the prior art if it is patentable or some search firms will just send you what they have found for you to take to an attorney or agent. I know it will cost you a few bucks, but you are investing in your “research and development” side of your invention business and want to make sure that you don’t waste any time or money moving forward trying to secure a patent when its someone else’s invention. And also if you try to license it, most of the time they will do their own due diligence and search if you will actually be able to secure a patent or not and could be a deal breaker after coming so far!

There are options and decisions to make when your idea is not patentable… Has the patent expired (design patent is 14 years and Utility or Non-Provisional Patent is good for 20 years) and maybe get a good trademarkable name and get it out there.. or maybe to move on.

If it is patentable, stay tuned for the next tip on what to do next!

keep on inventing!

Brian Fried

Your Inventing Tips Master

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