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Get To Know Inventor Smart

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We’re proud to announce that Inventor Smart has launched a national TV campaign!  

We’ve helped inventors and entrepreneurs successfully take their product from an idea to a reality.  Now, we want to hear about your inventions!

In case you missed our commercial, though, you can check it out below for a quick overview of how Inventor Smart helps inventors just like you.

Interested in learning more?  We know you probably have some questions about who we are and how we can help you, so come get to know us!

Who Is Inventor Smart?

Inventor Smart is where an idea begins, develops and succeeds!

We’re a team of experienced invention experts that specialize in making great ideas like yours a reality!

From consulting services, to mentorship, to legally protecting your invention, our team of invention experts is here to guide you in the right direction.  

Meet Our Teams

We have a legal team of patent attorneys and patent agents who are licensed throughout all 50 states.  Not only can our legal team assist you with your initial research (to make sure your invention doesn’t infringe on an existing patent), but our patent attorneys and patent agents can also help you when the time comes to file for your own patent.

Our product development team will help you to engineer and design a high-quality product, which our model making team can bring to life in the form of a working prototype.

Interested in earning royalties for your product?  

Reach out to our licensing team!  They have years of experience negotiating deals in major industries, including housewares, hardware, TV products, novelty items, toys and games, sports, and even brand licensing.

We even have a branding team who’s worked with high profile companies and joined our Inventor Smart family to help you create a memorable brand for your product.

Inventor Smart Chief Inventor Officer, Brian Fried

Of course, no Inventor Smart introduction would be complete without mentioning inventor coach, Brian Fried.  

Fried himself is a successful serial inventor with many of his own products having reached mass retail, As Seen on TV, home shopping channels, catalogs, and online retailers.  

He is also the author of both Inventing Secrets Revealed and You & Your Big Ideas, and has been featured in the media, including The New York Times, Inc. Magazine, Newsday, Inventors Digest, CBS News, Food Network, and WPIX11.

When asked about his role at Inventor Smart, Fried has said,

You can trust me and my team with your invention…and I even include a free non-disclosure agreement for us to sign.  I will make sure you receive respect, high quality work at each step, and the most competitive pricing.  With all this, you have me watching what is getting done, and making sure you have a great experience, giving your invention idea its best shot of success! (source:

What Services Does Inventor Smart Offer?

We’re here to help you from start to finish.

If you’re still in the early stages with your invention, we’ll help to evaluate your idea and help you figure out whether or not it can be taken to market.

From there, our team of specialists can help you look into whether or not your idea can be protected, and get started on developing your prototype.  

We’ll take you through the process of creating a CAD (computer aided drawing) and a 3D model of your product, in addition to helping you identify which materials you’ll need to create the prototype itself.

Once you have a prototype, we’ll take you through the process of patenting your invention so that you’re fully protected.

Next, we’ll assist you with finding licensees who can handle manufacturing and selling your product so that you can start earning royalty checks.

Learn More From Inventor Smart’s Radio Show

Interested in learning more about Inventor Smart before you book your consultation?  Check out Got Invention Interviews, the Inventor Smart talk show where we sit down with successful entrepreneurs to learn more about their stories.

Inventor Smart Helps Inventors Like You Every Step Of The Way

Whether you’ve just come up with a great new idea or you’ve already made it to the prototype stage, we’re here to answer your questions and take your invention to the next step.

Book A Free Consultation

Do you have an idea that you need help with?  Are you unsure about what the next steps should be for your invention?  Contact us today for a free ten minute consultation!  Our consultant Brian Fried will help you to determine what the right path for you and your invention looks like.  Maybe you could be the next millionaire inventor!

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Get To Know Inventor Smart
We’ve helped inventors and entrepreneurs successfully take their product from an idea to a reality.  Now, we want to hear about your inventions!
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