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NDA’s and Confidentiality Agreements to Protect Your Ideas- Brian Fried Quick Tips

Originally posted on Inventing Tips:

NDA’s, Non Disclosure Agreements or confidentiality agreements are typically used to put people on notice that you are revealing personal information about the idea you list within the NDA and is understood that you cannot talk about what was just shared verbally or in writing or through any exchange for a period of time without your permission.

I ask people that I am getting feedback from about my invention, people who make my drawings, engineers,
Prototypers, etc to sign my NDA. I need these people to bring my invention to a point of being able to see what it is I’m attempting to be protected through the patent process, but I do start with a patent search first.When presenting your idea to a patent attorney or agent, you are protected by client/attorney privileges- if you want to do a double check on the attorney or agent you are considering…

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