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Who to Pitch Your Invention Ideas To

Pitching Your Invention Ideas

Are you ready to pitch your invention to the pros, buyers, licensees, agents, etc.? You need to be prepared and do your research to make sure you are not pitching a shovel to a kitchen gadget company!

Feel free to watch a talk that I gave on preparing to pitch your invention. I  go into a lot of detail so it is not a short video. If you are short on time then feel free to keep reading.


Direct Response TV  companies are looking for mass audience appeal and will pick up where you left off in your invention process. I still would do my due diligence and have a proper patent search done and have some level of protection, provisional patent works and puts them on notice that your product is patent pending. Do not share your provisional patent application with them until you are in your negotiation stages and have a non disclosure signed at that point or a mutual understanding which I like to have in an email replied to.

Industry Leaders

If you are wanting to pitch an industry specific product, look for the leader brands, go on their website and/or call their office and find out what their process is to pitch or submit your invention. Again, make sure your invention idea is relevant to the company’s product line. There are agents within industries that can walk your idea to the licensees or another tip is to attend industry trade shows. You can go onto trade show listing websites such as and put in your industry and/or area/region, sign up and attend!

Catalogs are looking for specialty products- They do not license your invention, they purchase your finished products, so be prepared to send samples to the catalog after you have made contact with one of the buyers and if accepted, they will send you a purchase order and a vendor agreement to fill out and get set up with them. Catalogs are a great launching pad for your new product!

Home shopping channels are also a good launching pad-  Uniqueness needs to be there, price and profit margins and product needs to be ready to go!  Again, go to their websites and sift through the process or call someone that already has an in there and can make the process easier and quicker to get through the doors.

keep on inventing!

Brian Fried

Your Inventing Tips Master

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